Home Kitchen 3 Things I Love About Our Kitchen

I love our kitchen for a lot of reasons. But there are three main things that make it something I never tire of re-creating, being busy in, and sharing. Here are three things I love about our kitchen.

1. Our Kitchen is Flexible

I love that I can change things about our kitchen without having to know move pieces of equipment or knock out cabinets. Nothing in our kitchen is totally permanent or built into the structure of the house. I love the fact that it’s not perfectly done, so it looks handmade. Because of that, our kitchen bears my personality in so many ways. That would be hard for me to achieve if this space were not flexible.

As I mature & grow, our kitchen changes. There’s something really special about that.

2. Our Kitchen is Durable

When I make a mistake that could have ruined the floor, like dropping something heavy or spilling something staining, (which I never do 😉) I love that our kitchen bounces back because it’s made of durable material.

The floor may be white, but it’s concrete painted with durable deck paint. So if something like that happens, I don’t have to worry about it! Same with our counters and sink. It’s all stainless steel, so it can take all my homesteading experiments and misdemeanors.

3. Our Kitchen is Efficient

Because our kitchen is durable and flexible, it is also efficient for all my projects. Things are arranged in such a way that I can easily find everything I need to cook any meal, to process any meat, and all I have to do is clean up the mess afterwards and put things back where they belong. I knead bread on our countertops and butcher chickens in the sink.

This kitchen is just what I need for the life I’m living — taking care of our family and providing the best food to nourish them.

I have to be honest – I didn’t plan out our kitchen. The way our kitchen is arranged is a God thing. I remember wanting to take out the cabinets, but I didn’t really have a vision for what to do next. My parents suggested the steel counter tops and sink, and I said, “sure.” Fast forward about five years later, and this is everything I could’ve dreamed my kitchen to be.

Sometimes the things you love most about your life don’t come through careful planning, but through a leap of faith.

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