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Come Join the Facebook Group!

by Bay Sandoval
3 minutes read

If you’re stressed to the max by the chaos of modern life and you want a simpler lifestyle for your family, come and join this community of homesteaders!

Come join the simple, sustainable homestead facebook group!

We now have a Facebook group for sharing about minimalism and intentionality on the homestead. I hatched this idea this morning and by noon, we already had 100 members. You are so passionate about this lifestyle, and that’s one of the reasons that writing this blog, being active on social media, and making YouTube videos is such a labor of love for me.

Homesteading is good for your health

I’m passionate about helping people who are excited about living this way! Homesteading is so good for your health, it’s wonderful for the world at large, and I believe it makes for better family bonds and personal happiness. You obviously agree on that, because I’ve consistently watched as you help each other and extend your expertise to others without hesitation. It continues to blow my mind how wonderful this community is and I cannot WAIT to see this Facebook group grow as we share with each other! The facebook group is called The Simple Sustainable Homestead. It is a space where we can discuss ways to make homestead life simpler and more sustainable, incorporating concepts like minimalism and mindfulness to our efforts to become more self-sufficient! We all have a common goal: to work toward a simpler, more intentional lifestyle as we grow our own food.
simple sustainable homestead facebook group graphic with quail and ducks

You DO NOT have to own land, livestock, or anything else to contribute to this group! The only requirement for membership is that you’re passionate about creating a simple and sustainable home – and that you’re willing to discuss ideas and concepts in a kind & respectful way.

I’m Bay, the face behind Hardy House Homestead (this blog) and The Minimalist Homesteaders Podcast! Nice to meet you! You are absolutely welcome and valued here. I can’t wait to get to know you and start sharing together.

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