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Four Reasons We Choose Homesteading Instead of Relying Solely on the Grocery Store

by Bay Sandoval
5 mins read

People sometimes don’t understand why we would go to the trouble of homesteading when there’s food at the grocery store. And I’m not just talking about haters on Instagram. Sometimes even your closest friends and family think that the homesteading lifestyle is crazy.

We are surrounded by a great deal of support for the most part, but there are quite a few people out there who think it’s unnecessary to grow your own food and I will always publicly champion homesteading and encourage homesteaders by sharing information that reminds them why they started down this journey in the first place.

And if that’s you, reading this blog, I want you to know that my entire goal is always to encourage you and to make sure you know that what you’re doing is a huge deal. We can always been misunderstood by people out there. It’s one thing to be misunderstood by someone who means no harm and it’s another to be attacked by people who hate your lifestyle.

When I post about homesteading, my goal is never to convince anyone to become a homesteader because I want people to feel free to live how they want to live. Homesteading isn’t something that everyone wants to do and I understand that. Instead, my goal is to encourage people who are already doing it or interested in doing it by providing them with information.

There are a lot of things about homesteading that can make it feel like it’s not worth the work.

That’s why I compiled these four reasons that we chose homesteading instead of relying solely on the grocery store for our food. This is not a comprehensive list, but these are four good reasons. I would guess that most of you started homesteading for at least a couple of these reasons, as well!

1. To Shorten Our Supply Chain

Obviously one of the biggest goals of any homesteader is to shorten the supply chain by making sure that our food has to travel the least possible distance from where it is produced to where it is consumed. It’s that simple!

When you’re a homesteader, if you’re producing a large amount of your own food on your own property, the food in your backyard is “local” on a whole other level. Almost everyone in history lived and ate this way this way. The supply chain was simply the time it took to walk out the door and harvest the food. I want to get back to that, and you probably do, too.

Shortening the supply chain can also be achieved through buying local food. I know a lot of people who do this. We don’t buy as much local food as we would like, but that’s another goal for this year.

2. To Be More Self-Sufficient

This goes right along with shortening the supply chain. During Covid, all got a front-row seat in observing what it’s like to have your supply chain broken and to realize that food isn’t always available at the store. Instead of depending so much on corporations for our basic necessities, we are committed to the idea of producing as much of our food as possible on our own property, especially animal products like meat and eggs.

I don’t demonize buying food at the grocery store because I am very thankful to have that option. But we may not necessarily be able to get food at the store forever. Only 100 years ago, people subsisted mostly on what they grew at home. Depending on the grocery store alone for food is a very fragile situation. It’s honestly kind of scary that we depend almost entirely as a society on the grocery store for food. We need to make sure that we know how to grow our own food so that we’re not without food for our families.

3. To Treat Animals Humanely

If you look at all into the way factory farms treat animals that are being raised for meat, it’s pretty horrendous. Most of the time, animals that are being raised for meat are not being treated well and they live horrible lives until they are used for meat. I have always been a meat eater, but I think it’s always been in the back of my head that I want to be sure the food we’re eating had a good life before they became our food.

I love Jesus and believe in being a good steward of the animals He’s placed on this earth and under our care. We need to be more thankful for in the lives of these precious creatures. It’s not about elevating animals lives over human life, it’s about being respectful of the life of the animal that is feeding and nourishing your family.

4. To Provide Our Family with the Best Possible Food

Another thing that is relatively new in our society is the mass production of virtually all our food. Unless you have bought food locally for years, most of what you consume and probably what I have consumed most of my life, has been food that was produced in a large scale factory farm.

I don’t think that the mass production of food in itself is wrong. Our ancestors only a few decades ago would be astonished at how easy it is to keep ourselves fed with the technology, manpower, and methods that have been devised during this past century.

However, there’s no question that food mass production and has gotten out of hand, to the point that we no longer care about making sure the nation’s food is safe and actually nourishing to our bodies. There is so much red tape around all the labels that are being put on food as well as a lot of politicization surrounding conversations about what we’re eating and what’s healthy and what’s not.

My overarching goal in homesteading is to make sure that the food my family eats, especially meat, is not full of antibiotics and hormones and that those animals had happy lives. If I know that we have humane and natural practices on our homestead, I feel much better about feeding our homestead food to my family.

Homesteading also teaches our kids really important skills that most people don’t have in our culture because someone decided in the last 100 years that these skills aren’t “needed.” I fully expect to do these things for the rest of my life because we’re all starting to wake up to the fact that the mass-produced foods aren’t really all that good for us.

Something that really encourages me in the light of all the craziness of the world around us is that no matter how crazy the world gets, on the homestead there will still be baby ducks and baby chicks and flowers and the sun will come up and the sun will go down and you’ll have beautiful sunny days and rainy days and wintery days… so I want to keep our home on the “up and up;” I want to keep our home on an even keel.

I don’t know what the world is going to look like for my kids in the future, but I know I can make sure our home is a beautiful haven where we have food to grow and animals to tend. It’s the most beautiful way to live and it makes our home a joyous place regardless of what’s going on in the world around us.

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