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by Giles

We started homesteading in 2020 because of supply chain issues. That year, I learned to process poultry & rabbits, built some raised garden beds, and began composting. In 2021, I started pressure canning. Even if it’s scary in the beginning, you can do it!

I didn’t share or document any of my trials and challenges that first year because I felt woefully ill-prepared to teach anyone about this new lifestyle. Even though I grew up on a ranch, the hands-on experience of processing our own meat was just A LOT. It was something I’d never done before and there was so much to learn.

I still feel like we have a lot to learn, but now I’m okay with admitting I don’t know something and sharing my trials and errors.

In 2020 & 2021, we had chickens, ducks, rabbits, and quail. Now, moving into 2022, we have only chickens and ducks. For our situation, chickens and ducks make the most sense! In the future, I’d like to add some kind of dairy animal!


Ive never been quite so challenged as I was when I used YouTube to learn how to process our own meat. It was quite an experience, especially doing it myself. But I knew that I’d have to just jump in and try it if I wanted to learn. 

I don’t even have any regrets about how I started this journey because I know it was basically a time of learning and growing, and I wasn’t super concerned about doing everything “right.” Now that we’ve been homesteading almost two years, I’m ready to really hone my skills in keeping poultry and gardening, along with pressure canning and learning to preserve the food we grow! 

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