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Homesteading is a State of Mind

by Bay Sandoval
3 minutes read

You don’t have to own land to start homesteading. This line of thinking seems obvious to me, but sometimes I forget that I need to say it over and over again! It’s so easy to get stuck in a trap of comparing ourselves to others and thinking that we’re not doing enough because we’re not doing what someone else is doing.

How we got our land for homesteading

We have 3 acres because we are blessed to live in a state with relatively low land prices and we also bought our home when prices were much lower than they are now. We live simply and strive to be debt-free as a lifestyle, so we wouldn’t have bought anything outside our budget.

I will never be dishonest about the fact that we started out with very little in the way of money and bought an ugly property in an economically distressed state and made it what it is today by working little-by-little to get it here!


You don't need land to be a Homesteader!

That being said, many people don’t have their own land and are homesteading right where they are – oftentimes right in the middle of a city! I was raised to see potential in things that other people see as trash, and that mindset definitely helps if you’re trying to get a homestead started without going into a ton of debt to do it.

I know of many people in the homesteading community who are of the debt-free mindset, so my husband and I probably fit into this group one before we actually started our homestead.

Do you homestead on your own land in the country or do you live in the city? Whatever your situation, you’re a homesteader if your mindset is to become more self-sufficient and to live a simply & sustainable lifestyle — not because of where you live.



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