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How to Keep Chickens Out of Garden Beds

by Bay Sandoval
2 minutes read

I planted garlic for the first time this year and the chickens dug it up. So frustrating! But I was able to replant it, which was good, and then I had to get creative about how to keep them from taking their daily dirt baths in my raised beds.

Our chickens started free-ranging about a month ago and they are so happy being able to roam our property freely! I didn’t want to have to keep them in the coop again, so I thought hard about it and decided to try putting things in the garden beds to keep them out.

The first thing I tried was mulch. Pieces of sticks and twigs and grass. That worked in some areas, but in others, they just moved the mulch aside to get to the dirt.

portrait of chicken

These girls love the worms and bugs in the soft garden soil. Who can blame them!?

The next thing I thought about doing was making a taller fence. But chickens can fly pretty high, so I abandoned that idea rather quickly. The thing that finally worked was laying down pieces of fencing, chicken wire, and hardware cloth down on the top of the soil!

The seeds still get their sunlight and the chickens don’t find any comfy dirt to roll around in! Win, win!

You can put down pretty much anything that has enough space for the sunlight to shine down onto the soil but makes it uncomfortable for the chickens. It’s nice to have a way to reuse old fencing pieces and keep the chickens out free-ranging!


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